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Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Food Industry Group – FIG for short.

FIG was formed to encourage food companies to work with Government and the community in finding ways to help solve the obesity issue in New Zealand.

FIG members include those of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (FGC), The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA), the Communications Agencies Association of New Zealand (CAANZ) and the Television Broadcasters Council (TBC), food manufacturers, fast food providers, supermarket retailers and a range of other media.

The food industry has an important role to play in solving the obesity problem and members are genuinely trying to find ways to help. There is a lot of work being undertaken by many FIG member companies to produce healthier foods, provide better nutritional information, support community lifestyle initiatives, and to ensure children’s best interests are taken into account. Details of these initiatives can be found in this website.

It has to be acknowledged, however, that the obesity issue is a complex one. There are a large number of factors involved - from the psychology of eating to genetic predisposition and dramatic changes in lifestyle, behaviour, societal pressures and physical activity levels.

The Food Industry is working hard on its contribution to the solution. 

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FIG Annual Report 2011-2012

7th May 2012

Throughout the year, the Food Industry Group (FIG) continued to meet regularly and work on behalf of our membership -­ food sector businesses, associated media and advertising representatives. FIG’s focus has continued to be on industry’s contribution to finding long-­term solutions to the obesity problem.

Initiatives have included:

- Government Policy & Liaison
- Members' Activities
- Website & NewsBites e-­newsletter 
- Media Coverage
- Quick Service Restaurant Forum
- Seeking Educational Opportunities 

In summary:
There are signs from around the world that progress is being made and the trend of rising obesity is finally flattening out and actually starting to decline in some areas. This is welcome news. To continue this trend, all stakeholders need to acknowledge the multi-­faceted origins of obesity and to invest in a total community contribution to its further reduction.

There have been many proposals from lobby groups for taxes, bans and new labelling regulations that will add costs and inconvenience to all consumers, not just those suffering from obesity. What’s more concerning is that many of these calls come with no supporting evidence that these impositions will actually solve the underlying problem.

As with many of society’s issues, much starts in the home and at an early age. Education needs to increase and attitudes need to change here and in all sectors of society. Only a total community response will result in people taking greater personal responsibility for food and drink intake, energy output and their long-­term health.

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What's New

FIG NewsBites - February 2013

In this issue:

  • Food Advertising Code Compliance report
  • Fat Tax Withdrawn
  • White Hat Bias
  • Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Children and Young People
  • Eat Your Breakfast
  • Fonterra Milk in Schools
  • ‘Lower-Calorie Foods: It’s Just Good Business’
  • Obesity Prevalence in Young Children Declines – Adults Plateau

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FIG NewsBites - July 2012


In this issue:

- New Zealanders amongst world's most slothful

- Pitched battle for sports grounds

- PE is hereby cancelled

- Obesity not a death sentence?

- Academic claims 'class war'

- Call to ban 'fat hatred' 

- Mental health treatment prerequisite

- Obesity counseling should be insurable

- Campaigners tag parents 'delusional'

- Wider air ambulance for big patients

- IOC clarifies 'obesity' comments

- Australian food industry wants health claims self-regulation

- Latest anti-obesity pill

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FIG NewsBites - May 2012

In this issue:

- Aucklanders are off the couch 
- Heart health not necessarily linked
- CIA monitoring fat
- Tide turning amongst preschoolers
- IOM wants dramatic measures
- Adelaide health seminar
- Anti-franchisee move criticized
- Polynesian mothers at greater risk
- Fewer organ donors
- Fruit juice now a target
- WHA framework suggested
- Taste most important factor
- Sin taxes of 20%

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FIG NewsBites - June 2012

In this issue:

- NZ broadcasters streets ahead

- Disney plans move on junk food ads

- Advertising maintains standards

- Support for supersized ban

- An end to freedom of choice?

- Soft drinks not to blame

- ‘Plain packaging’ may spread to food

- QSRs drive drop in trans fat

- Don’t mention the ‘f” word

- Airbus offers airlines obese seats

- The Weight of the Nation campaign

- NZ$1b diabetes bill expected

- Obesity blamed for sleepiness

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