FIG - Food Industry Group



In New Zealand, there are literally hundreds of organizations committed to doing their part about the growing obesity problem. These companies include manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, exporters, communications agencies, Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Providers, Outdoor Companies and many more. This does not include the many organizations in government, the community, academia and many others who are also engaged in a variety of ways.

The FIG advocates a ‘whole of society’ approach to the obesity issue and recognizes the scale and complexity of the issue. Some organizations are able to do much and some only a little. Together, we believe the combined effort of working as a team will contribute much.

FIG members are organisations involved with food manufacture, supply, marketing, and retail, and who belong to:

New Zealand Food and Grocery Council 
Association of New Zealand Advertisers


FIG members are also organisations involved in communications including:

The Communications Agencies Association of New Zealand
Newspaper Advertising Bureau
Magazine Publishers Association
The Radio Broadcasters Association


The major supermarket chains are also FIG members:

Progressive Enterprises